the milk

wilton creek dairy whole goat milk

Ever since we started milking back in 2013, friends and family have asked where they could buy or try our milk. In 2017 we came up with the idea to process our own milk and make it available to everyone! There are lots of benefits of goat milk, for example, the fat and protein globules are smaller than cows milk and more easy to digest. It also has less lactose and makes a great alternative to cows milk, as they taste very similar. 

We are packaging our milk in 1 litre cartons at 3.25% whole goat milk, pasteurized and homogenized. The homogenization helps to keep the cream from rising to the top. This was a choice we made, as some people enjoy the cream being on top, but we like every glass full to be just as rich and creamy as the first! 

Currently we are supplying stores featured in our where to buy section. We are always looking for new opportunity as well, so if your interested in our carrying our product or buying in bulk, please contact us!