our farm story

We started with a herd of about 45 goats almost 10 years ago, and through the years, we renovated our family's dairy cow barn into a dairy goat barn, where we milk approximately 300 animals. We farm a couple hundred acres near Harrowsmith, Ontario where our farm is situated. 

Our goats are fed a grass fed diet, though not yet certified, and we believe in natural farming techniques including animal husbandry methods like dam raising kids (leaving the goat kids on the dam until weaning). We work hard keep our herd healthy as we believe that happy healthy animals produce healthy and delicious milk. 

Our goats are very socialable animals, many with special markings and names, given by our kids who love to be in the barn, playing with the goat kids and holding them. It was a very easy fit for our family, plus we all love the taste of the milk! 

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